Polo Club Merch is designed by polo people for polo clubs. After traveling the country to different polo clubs, every club had one thing in common — the club manager is overwhelmed with work. Adding merchandise is simply out of the question for many clubs. Once you get the merchandise, let’s be honest, its a hassle! Polo Club Merch solves this problem. Your club members and visitors want merchandise with your poloclub logo on it? We have you covered with no inventory.

How does this work?

Polo Club Merch is an online store that will have a unique link for your polo club. We useyour logo and create some swag. We then work closely with you to select the perfect merchandise for your club. Once the merchandise is approved, you will receive your unique link to access your polo club’s swag. If anyone is looking for merchandise, send them the link! We will work with you to link this page to your social media and even your website. When people order, the product is created and shipped directly to them. At the end of the month, we send you a check from your sales. That’s it!

How much does it cost?

We set up your online store and create merchandise for a one time fee of $300.

How do I signup?

Send an email to with your polo club name and logo to getstarted. We will contact you to curate the perfect merchandise for your club.